Transcribing the Latin text of the book is an ongoing project; only a small part of it has been done. There are presently no plans to transcribe the Greek text.

The transcriptions retain the spelling of the original, including the interchangeable use of "u" and "v" and the use of 'i' for 'j'; however, the long "s" ( ) used in the book has been replaced in all cases with a standard modern "s". Abbreviations have been expanded in square brackets (eg. Latinu[m]).

The transcriptions are organized in the following sections:

  1. Front matter (title page, Bargaeus poem, dedication)
  2. Ad Lectorum Praefatio (preface)
  3. Vitae S. Epiphanii (Life of Saint Epiphanius)
  4. Physiologus and commentary
  5. Palmarum sermo (homily on the feast of Palm Sunday)
  6. Back matter (index, list of authories, approbatio, priviledge)