The Sancti Epiphanii ad Physiologum is a collection of texts, all related to Epiphanius. He supposedly wrote two of the texts (the Physiologus and the In die festo palmarum sermo), and one text is his biography. The other texts in the book are by Ponce de Leon himself.


The texts are:

  1. Title page (several items).
  2. Petri Angelii Bargaei ad lectorum (Petrus Angelus Bargaeus to the reader).
  3. Sanctissimo D.N. Sixto V. Pont. Opt. Max. (dedication to Pope Sixtus V).
  4. Ad lectorum praefatio (to the reader, preface).
  5. Vitae S. Epiphanii compendium ex Metaphraste (life of St Epiphanius)
  6. The Physiologus
  7. Beati Epiphanii, Episcopi Cypri, in die festo palmarum sermo (homily on Palm Sunday)
  8. Index rerum et verborum (index of subjects and words)
  9. Auctores, quorum testimonia praecipue citantur in Notis (authorities cited in the notes).
  10. Approbatio (approval of the Church censor).
  11. Privilegii Regi sententia (statement of royal privilege).
The Text