The commentary on the book and its text is in several sections.

  1. Codicology: The book as object. This section describes and analyzes the book itself, both specificaly (the copy at the University of Victoria), and more generally, looking at the binding, paper, type, illustrations and production.
  2. The text. This section is an analysis of the text of the book: the preface, the life of St Epiphanius, the Physiologus with its notes by Ponce de Leon, and the homily on Palm Sunday.
  3. Animal chapters. This section displays the illustrations of the Physiologus and analyzes the text.
  4. Biographies. Information on the lives and times of the many people involved in the writing, editing, and production of the book.
  5. Transcriptions. Transcriptions of the Latin text of the book.

Unless otherwise attributed, all commentary is by David Badke.

The sections can be read in order by clicking the arrows (   ) at the top of every page, or can be read in any order through the links at the left side of the page.