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Online Edition: Project Process and Objectives

Produce a reliable text which reflects the textual flavours of Graves' diary while correcting errors in the transcription

  • present a digital facsimile of the manuscript which is available to the reader simultaneously with the transcript so the reader can check the accuracy of the text
  • present explanatory material in a way that does not distract the reader
  • incorporate changes suggested from contemporary and modern sources i.e. Karl Goldschmidt's and William Graves' notes and annotations
  • hyperlink references in the text to other primary sources that will help to elucidate and provide context
  • the diary will be available online during development so that users can input suggestions and corrections
  • the diary text will be edited and presented before the enclosures
  • introductory material will be added once the textual editing is completed and checked
  • xml files for diary month will be available for downloading when the project is completed
  • metadata will be added to monthly files including the abstracts after the text has been properly marked-up and checked
  • all xml files will be converted to unicode utf-8 so that special characters in the text are searchable and so that the files are more robust and load more quickly