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Markup Process: The markup is being completed using a version of the TEI Corpus DTD (TEI P4), modified using TEI Pizza Chef.

The mark-up process involves the following:

  • inserting tags for names, places, titles, foreign words, emendations, notes and editorial comments
  • replacing entities (such as accents, and currency signs) with the required codes
  • doing research for editorial notes and for data bases when required (many of the diary notes have been provided by Karl Goldschmidt--Graves’ personal secretary--and by William Graves).
  • adding names, places and titles to their respective databases as they occur in the diary. These are also added to the Notetab library file, a reference list which includes the tagged codes connecting each item with their data base, and enhances the efficiency of the mark-up.
  • validating the marked-up text with a text editor (we are using oXygen) and making the necessary corrections.

Access to the marked up files can be found at

In order to view the untransformed markup of a month in xml, type in '_xml ' to the filename in the navigation bar of the browser to make it: ' xbrowse_xml.xq ' i.e. Graves Diary Project:


A draft "Textual Introductiona nd Encoding Manual" is available at