Army Years   1916-1945
Inter-War Activites

     In the Spring of 1921, while in Calgary, George R. Pearkes formed the Number 14 Boyscout troop and was Scoutmaster and role model to a group of keen young men.

Boy Scouts Pearkes as Scout Leader

Photo:  Scoutmaster Pearkes, c. 1923-24, Calgary area.
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Photo:  Scoutmaster Pearkes with No. 14 Troop,
Calgary, at their camp in Cochrane Alberta.
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     Pearkes also served as a staff officer in Victoria and the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario.  In 1936, he attended the Imperial Defence College; his family travelled with him to England and remained there for two years.  His training at the Imperial Defence College gave Pearkes an opportunity to learn more about world politics and about the possible impact another world war could have on the British Commonwealth.  He made the most of the opportunity, going on tours, researching politics and history in the College library, and giving lectures.  He and Blytha also had an active social life, becoming friendly with Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Massey.  In 1937, Blytha was presented at court to the newly-crowned George VI and Queen Elizabeth.  The Pearkes's returned to Calgary in 1938 and George attended the western branch of the militia staff course at Sarcee camp.

Militia staff course at Sarcee Camp

Photo:  Militia staff course at Sarcee Camp
(outside Calgary) c. 1938.
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