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The facsimile was created from scans made directly from the book at the University of Victoria McPherson Library (Special Collections) in February, 2004. All two-page openings were scanned at 800 dpi; the raw images were then processed to correct color, increase sharpness, and render them at various sizes. The content of the images has not been altered.

The facsimile images are available in three sizes: small (about 600 x 450 pixels), medium (about 1000 x 750 pixels), and large (about 2000 x 1500 pixels). The large images are between 600 kB and 700 kB, and will take some time to load. You can select the size you wish to see by clicking the Size button.

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The pages are displayed as thumbnail images on the left of the page, in sets of four. Click an image to see it at the right of the page in the currently selected size. The First, Prior, Next and Last buttons allow you to scroll through the sets of thumbnails to find the pages you wish to view.

Contents View

A table of contents for the sections of the book is displayed at the left. Click any item in the list to view the related page image in the currently selected size. The Prior and Next buttons will display the previous or next page to the one currently visible.

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