FROM 1 NOV 44 TO 30 NOV 44


The following extracts can be located in UVic ACC 80-55 Box 1.2:

Nov 24th Fri: ...The Fus du St Laurent Regt, in a protest against the conscription of manpower, refused to go on parade this afternoon.  They had a rumour circulating that this unit had also refused to go on parade which was proven false by Major J.S. Wright. Steps were taken to trace the source of this rumour but to no avail.  The Fus du St Laurent broke into their magazine and took the ammunition during the night. Our unit mounted an armed guard on our magazine.

Nov 25th Sat: ...Bn parade was called at usual time this morning and all but about 40 Ptes, the Senior N.C.Os. and Officers refused to go on parade.  Major J.S. Wright visited the huts but could get no conversation or reasons from the men on their action.  A rumour was circulating that they were threatened by some of the Fus du St Laurent lest they go on parade but this could not be confirmed.  Apparently this act was on the spur of the moment as nothing was heard of until late last night and early this morning.  Major J.S. Wright called for a meeting of all the N.R.M.A. personnel to discuss the problem, send a report of their objections to H.Q.N.D. through the proper channels.  He tried to persuade them to go back on parade but they would not leave their barracks.  A number of men reputed to be spokesmen for various Coys in the Bn informed Major Wright of 3 reasons for the action taken by the men of this Bn.  A letter was forwarded to HQ 15th Cdn Inf Bde...There was no interference in the men's demonstration by the Officers on Major Wright's order.  At 1330 hrs the Fus de St Laurent Regt paraded to our lines with banners against conscription and shouting "Down with Conscription".  They were joined by our unit and marched into the town of Terrace.  The only disturbance was when they tore down a Canadian Legion sign in Terrace.  Major Wright insisted that the shows and hockey games in the drill hall carry on as usual....

Nov 26th Sun: ... This outbreak has been very well organized and so far there is no definite proof of any leaders, although there are a number of men who appear to be instigators being watched.  There is a number of boys that are definitely opposed to this sort of thing but are practically forced or threatened to tag along.  They had a couple of meetings in the drill hall to-day but no information has been found from these meetings except that they do not intend to cause any disturbance and are just waiting to see what happens in Ottawa....

Nov 27th Mon: ... A large amount of explosives was taken out of a magazine by the Fus du St Laurent on Sat night which was returned last night.  There seems to be a number of boys showing their disagreement to the whole thing and a number of them have joined active this morning... Most of our unit formed an illegal parade at 1330 hrs and went up to the Fus de St Laurent lines where they were joined by the remainder of the Bde N.R.M.A. personnel and marched up to Bde HQ. They returned at 1600 hrs in an orderly parade and went into their barracks....

This War Diary was submitted by H.G. Thorburn Lieut., Intelligence Officer for W.J. MacDonald, Lt.-Col, Officer Commanding of the PEI Highlanders CA.  The remaining entries outline continued refusal by the men to go on parade, until November 30th when about half went on parade.

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