Special Brigade Orders

Issued By Brig. A.R. Roy

Comd 15 Cdn Inf Bde.,



(a) All units in the Area WILL ensure that Sub-para (c) of Para 420 of KR (Can) be made known IMMEDIATELY to ALL OTHER RANKS

(b) Sub-para (c) of Para 420 KR (Can) is hereunder republished:-

"Under the existing law, any person who shall maliciously and advisedly endeavour to seduce any person or persons serving in His Majesty's forces by sea, land or air from his or their duty and allegiance to His Majesty, or to incite or stir up any person or persons to commit any act of mutiny, or to make or endeavour to make any mutinous assembly may, on being convicted of such offence, be sentenced to imprisionment for life".

(c) A Certificate to this effect that this order has been made known to all OTHER RANKS will be forwarded to this HQ BY 1100 HRS 29 NOV 44.

[signed] (A.R. Roy) Brig Comd 15 Cdn Inf Bde

Special Orders of the Day

Issued by Brig A.R. Roy

Cmd 15 Cdn Inf Bde


1. Other Ranks of the 15 Cdn Inf Bde have refused to obey all lawful orders given by me.  This very serious breach of discipline has been brought to your notice and explained to everyone today.

2. As explained to you your actions under AA Sec 7 and K.R. (Can) 420 (c) are acts of mutineers that is you have created mutiny in defiance of the laws of Canada.

3. I order that your acts of mutiny cease immediately and I issue the following orders that will be carried out commencing from 0600 hrs 29 Nov 44:-

(a) Normal Bde routine will be carried out.

(b) Trg parades will commence at 0900 hrs daily.

(c) The P A Vols will leave Terrace for Tofino at 1100 hrs, Wednesday 29 Nov 44.

4. This clearly means I insist that discipline is restored and that units return to normal military routine under their properly appointed Officers, Warrant Officers and non-commissioned officers.

5. I am ordering my Commanding Officers to report to me by 1200 hrs tomorrow 29 Nov 44 that the above orders are being carried out by you with loyalty.

[signed] (A.R. Roy) Brig Comd 15 Cdn Inf Bde

The above extracts, as well as the French version, can be found in ACC 80-55 Box 1.2 Appendix I of War Diary for 15th Cdn. Inf. Bde.

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