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Relating to the Great War, 1914-1918.

Valcartier Camp - J.A. Millar.

Subseries 3. recruiting and in training at Valcartier Camp, J.A. MILLAR, 1915.

Scenes of the Canadian Expeditionary Force at Valcartier Camp, at Quebec, and at Gaspe Harbour immediately prior to sailing to Britain in 1914. Also included are a few loose photos by unknown photographers.

Mr. J.A. Millar was a staff photographer of the Montreal Daily Star (MDS) and produced the album in 1915. Thanks to Lt. Col. W. McBain, Millar was the photographer accompanying Hughes to Gaspe Harbour.

Many of the pictures have been identified by means of the Montreal Daily Star

published during August, September, and October, 1914. Where possible the original picture captions have been used with an occasional added note. Those not identified in newspapers or elsewhere have some notations by W.S. Thackray and, 

while not absolutely guaranteed, offer a clue to the identity of the scene.

Besides the MDS several other newspapers were examined, with disappointing results. Almost no additional photographs were found and those that were found did not appear in the Dodds album or were occasionally a copy of one found in the MDS. The newspapers were The Halifax Herald, The Ottawa Evening Journal, The Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, Vancouver Province, Victoria Times, and The Victoria Daily Colonist (all on microfilm). A few photos were identified in L.G. Barnard, The War Pictorial, Dodd-Simpson Press Limited, Montreal, 1915 held in the McPherson Library, University of Victoria.

Captions for the photographs are provided by: 

MDS - Montreal Daily Star.

wst - W.S. Thackray.

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