Vic College Development
Teaching and Governance

     Like many other things at Victoria College, teaching began small and grew rapidly.  In 1902, E.B. Paul was hired as Principal to provide instruction in the first and second years of the Arts Course.  By 1962, there were 120 professors teaching a wide range of subjects leading to degrees in Arts, Science and Education.

     On December 18, 1945, the Victoria College Council held its first meeting to formally govern the affairs of the College, which was recorded in the Council's minute book.  The original signatures of the Chairman S.J. Willis, and the Secretary Dorothy M. Cruickshank, are accepted in law as proof that the minutes are an authentic record of what occurred.  All of the minutes books are preserved by the University of Victoria Archives.

Victoria College class

Photo:  The first Victoria College class of 1902 -1903.

Back (L-R):  Clifford J. Rogers, Principal E.B. Paul, Frederic G.C. Wood, Joesph B. Clearihue.

Front (L-R):  Sara Spencer, Kate Pottinger, teacher Rosalind Watson, Lillian Mowat, Josephine Wollaston.

(UVic Archives 081104)
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Faculty-McGill V.C.

Photo:  The Staff of McGill University of British Columbia at Victoria

Back (L-R):  Percy H. Elliott, MSc., Lecturer in Science;  Alexander Smith, M.A., Lecturer in History;  E. Howard Russell, B.A., Professor of Mathematics.

Front (L-R):  Miss Jeanette A. Cann, Lecturer in English;  Samuel J. Willis, B.A., Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor of Classics;  Miss Edna Henry, M.A., Lecturer in Modern Languages.

Evening Post
(UVic Archives 081623)
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