Index to High Resolution Images
on the CD-ROM Volumes

The CD-ROM volumes 1 to 8 contain full-page images of all of the manuscript pages. These images are stored as high resolution TIFF files (about 20 megabytes per folio image), which require a graphics viewer to display. The images can be viewed on screen at the actual size of the manuscript page or larger, and are suitable for detailed study or digital manipulation. The table below shows which CD-ROM volume contains the image for each folio.

The image CD-ROM disks are available at the 
University of Victoria McPherson Library, Special Collections.

Folio Range

Image Number Range

CD Volume

1r - 16v fp001 - fp032 1
17r - 33v fp033 - fp066 2
34r - 50r fp067 - fp099 3
50v - 67r fp100 - fp133 4
67v - 83v fp134 - fp166 5
84r - 100r fp167 - fp199 6
100v - 116v fp200 - fp232 7
117r - 122v fp233 - fp244 8

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